Why Golang?

Build your web app with the fastest growing programming language.

Go is an open-source programming language developed by Google, aimed at delivering robust performance for business software architectures.

Golang is popular among new-age businesses, interested in deploying time-efficient high performing apps. According to Github, Go is the fastest-growing programming language of 2019.

At LiteBreeze, we’ve been developing interactive web/mobile apps for our international clients using Golang and the Beego framework, since 2016.

We weigh on its cross-platform support, built-in concurrency that enables multitasking, and its light-weighted-ness.

Go compiles and runs faster than other languages. It relieves the burden of freeing allocated memory by effective garbage collection which in turn saves development time and cost. 

When the parameters are performance, scalability, and readability Go easily outperforms almost every other language in its spectrum. 

At our new office space in SmartCity, we are strengthening our recruiting efforts to find the top 1% of Golang talent in Kerala.

Are you looking for outsourcing experts to help you build your Golang-based high-performance web/mobile app? Contact LiteBreeze today. 

Our Golang Projects

These are two of our many Golang projects. You can browse more projects here

  • MyItems is a distinctive hybrid app that acts as a management tool for items owned by a private user. It is designed to securely organize the essential details of all items, from vehicles and buildings to household equipment and gadgets. This app is built with Ionic in the secure AWS cloud.

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  • GuessMyLife is a social guessing game, developed for an award-winning Swedish author. It was designed to entice users to register and spend time on the website. It was developed as a cloud-native distributed system on a serverless architecture, using Go, AWS Lambda, AWS API Gateway and AWS SNS among others.

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More information on Golang

Golang’s advantages over other languages

These are some of the features that keep Go a cut above other modern programming languages:

  • Statically typed – Variable types need to be declared before its use. This rules out most of the errors at compilation time. It also enhances code readability and perception.
  • Compiled – Go has a very fast compiler, providing the feeling of an interpreted language.
  • Concurrency – Go is famous for its concurrency, programs made up of multiple subprograms. An example is a web server, which handles each request separately as a subprogram. 
  • Testing – Go has an exemplary package for Testing which consists of a simple API, providing support for automated testing.
  • Execution & Portability – Go can be directly compiled to machine code. It could swiftly build binaries for different OS and architecture. 
  • Garbage collection & Error handling – Go has a built-in garbage collector, which frees memory once its usage is over. Developers are forced to address failure using error handlers and ascertain all viable scenarios.
  • Built-in libraries – Go has a feature-rich library to aid development. The net/HTTP contains HTTP client and server implementations, database/SQL  for SQL database communication etc.
  • Multi-core support – Major languages in use today were designed in the ’90s based on the single-core CPU. Go was developed to utilize multiple cores. Go can be used in programming systems and services that have huge demand & resource requirements.

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