LiteBreeze: Swedish managed; based in India

Here at LiteBreeze in India we have focused on Laravel development since 2015.

LiteBreeze is a Swedish Laravel development company based in India. We have provided PHP development services since 2004, and since some years back our framework of choice is Laravel.

Our Swedish manager David Claesson is working on-site in Kochi, India since 2004. He’s focused on hiring the most dedicated Laravel developers / programmers / consultants / architects. Making your project a success is all about finding the best developers, project leaders and QA experts.

LiteBreeze was established in India in 2004 and we are now a team of 35+ hand-picked IT professionals.

Our Laravel projects

These are two of our clients. You can browse more Laravel projects here

  • Through this online coaching and e-Learning platform, experienced experts share knowledge through telepresence. In live sessions, experts use voice, video call, and screen sharing. This offers a personalized experience to skill seekers. This high-traffic web application has taken 12000+ man hours to develop.

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  • INVID Gruppen provides IT services in Sweden within three main functions; infrastructure, cloud services and operational support. LiteBreeze developed a web portal that incorporates multiple platforms through a Single Sign-On interface. This enables customers to run, monitor and manage network hosts and their users.

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Laravel: Simplifying web development

one of the most widely used server side scripting languages.

Active since June 2011, Laravel is a vibrant open source community. According to its author, Taylor Otwell, Laravel strives to bring back the joy to programming. Laravel makes coding simpler, resulting in rapid development. Its exhaustively documented, with great learning resources in Laracasts and a twitter handle @laravelphp that lists the latest developments. It’s a wholesome creative experience making development easier, faster and super-efficient!

Laravel – The technology

Laravel is free, highly used, open-source PHP web framework used for web application development. It follows the MVC architectural pattern. The advantage of using a framework is to replace repetitive coding tasks. Laravel incorporates common tasks such as authentication, routing, sessions and caching. The major features provided by Laravel include:

  • Eloquent ORM – PHP implementation of the Active Record pattern
  • RESTful routing – Separated logic in serving HTTP requests – GET, POST, DELETE etc.
  • Blade templating – Expressive syntax
  • Unit testing – Built in TDD support
  • Homestead – Vagrant box for Laravel development
  • Composer – PHP package manager for third party tools

Why Laravel?

Laravel is a framework that is young and has a modern approach. It is one of the best PHP frameworks available that meets all needs of MVC architecture, event handling and user authentication. It is the right fit for scalable PHP projects. It is a battery included framework which supports:

  • Migrations – Version control for DB changes
  • Expressive syntax – Code highlights the intention
  • Artisan – CLI used for generating boilerplate code
  • Tinker – Powerful REPL based on PsySH package
  • Huge list of helper methods
  • Authentication – Built in authentication mechanism, Socialite gem for OAuth
  • Queuing – UX bottleneck tasks can be easily pushed and completed via Queue
  • Javascript framework – Easy integration of Vue JS

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