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LiteBreeze uses hybrid mobile development to develop mobile applications.

In a digital era where different mobile platforms and devices are proliferating in the industry, LiteBreeze has been developing high-quality mobile applications for a decade.

LiteBreeze uses hybrid mobile development to develop mobile applications that can be deployed on all the major mobile platforms.

This is done with minimal changes as it is very effective and helps to decrease the cost and increase the speed of the development.

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Reasons to choose LiteBreeze.

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    Expert developers

    Our team of highly efficient and experienced developers, work towards clearing your concerns to ensure timely deliverables for a reasonable cost.

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    Latest app development technology

    Developers at LiteBreeze follow the latest app development processes to craft high-performing and visually appealing Ionic apps.

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    Trustworthy and recognized projects

    We have a proven track record in developing Ionic apps. Recent applications developed and designed by us are available on the App Store and Play store. 

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    Innovative solutions

    Our talented developers have years of experience developing apps and follow requisite guidelines for coding to help clients get maximum benefits of the framework. 

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    Service quality

    Service quality is one of the core concepts of our principles. We believe in creating value and excellence in service quality for our clients and consistently maintain this as the benchmark in all our projects.

Our app projects

These are two of our clients. You can browse more projects here

  • Smart delivery is a SaaS application which intelligently plans and optimizes daily delivery lists and routes of delivery firms. The smart delivery system is a complete package which includes the online route planning web application for site admin as well as an iPhone / android app for the drivers.

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    LiteBreeze completed our mobile app project as per our expectations. They are talented developers with in-depth expertise in software development along with European work-standards.
    Ferat Korkmaz (Stockholm, Sweden)
  • MyItems is a distinctive hybrid app that acts as a management tool for items owned by a private user. It is designed to securely organize the essential details of all items, from vehicles and buildings to household equipment and gadgets. This app is built with Ionic in the secure AWS cloud.

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    Hybrid mobile app based on Golang
    "I am impressed by LiteBreeze, especially the professional way in which they handle project communication. They clearly understand the system and always have the right solutions.
    Morten Skurdal (Oslo, Norway)


Frequently asked questions

Ionic Framework is an open-source UI toolkit for building performant, high-quality hybrid mobile apps using web technologies (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) with integrations for frameworks like Angular, React. This is then wrapped using Cordova or Ionic Capacitor to build truly native applications.

Apache Cordova or Ionic Capacitor acts like a native application wrapper. These wrappers load your web application inside a native shell and give you the ability to create truly native applications by using the native device features (like sensors, camera, location, etc.) 

With Ionic, it is far more easier to build high-end user interfaces with added functionalities and reuse the same code to build apps for different platforms.  Ionic comes with a native style mobile UI elements and structure that you’d see in native SDK’s.  Also, the great thing about the Ionic Framework is that it has a huge, active community, that is eager to help on different forums or specialized YouTube channels.

    1. Ionic is an app development framework for running applications on multiple platforms
    2. Framework compatibility – integrations with the JavaScript frameworks (Angular, React)
    3. Ionic has efficient hardware accelerated transitions and touch-optimized gestures
    4. Design – ionic has a collection of standalone UI components for best UI/UX
    5. Plugins – support for native & Cordova plugins
    6. Community support
    7. Write once, run anywhere
    8. Stable and Open source

Ionic applications are built using web technologies and are rendered using web views, which are a full screen and full-powered web browser.

Modern Web Views offer many built-in APIs for hardware functionality such as cameras, sensors, etc, but sometimes it may also be necessary to access platform-specific hardware APIs. In Ionic apps, hardware APIs can be accessed through a bridge layer, typically by using native plugins.

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