Dedicated accounting services

Here at LiteBreeze, we provide qualified and experienced accountants to manage your finances

Outsourcing is inevitable if you wish to leverage talent, reduce work cycles and improve productivity. This also allows you to focus your energy and time into your line of expertise. Contact us to understand how we can assist you with simplifying your accounting process.

All your indispensable and routine financial and accounting tasks can be taken care of by an efficient outsourcing company, like LiteBreeze.

Our Indian accounting team has experience working with Swedish accounting using the software Fortnox.

Why outsource financial and accounting services?

Focus on core business: Your focus can get diverted due to additional compliances or when supplementary time-bound tasks like tax reports, liquidity analysis and basic bookkeeping needs your attention. When such tasks are outsourced, the workload is transferred to skilled professionals.

Cost-effective quality services: Our professionals provide a multitude of financial services with a guarantee of quality work, at reasonable costs.

Savings made when you outsource can be channeled back into your main business. Labor costs in India are far more reasonable when compared to Sweden and other European countries.

Geographical advantage: Due to our geographical location, we have an advantage of being in a comparatively earlier time zone. This gives us a headstart to the work at hand. Thus, deliverables can be provided in a timely manner.

Overhead cost reduction: Outsourcing reduces the time and effort you would have to spend on managing a separate department, infrastructure, related costs and manpower.

More information about accounting services

Various accounting services are provided by LiteBreeze for Swedish companies

LiteBreeze provides reliable and cost-effective accounting services without compromising on quality. We are fully compliant of the relevant accounting standards and continually update our systems.

We ensure to be responsible, accurate and prompt. We provide various services such as:

  1. Bookkeeping (process for Swedish companies)
  2. VAT reports
  3. Tax reconciliation
  4. Preparation of financial statements

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