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LiteBreeze has over 17 years of PHP development expertise

We are fanatical about PHP – from programmers to management. Our entire technical team along with our Swedish CEO has experience in PHP programming for many years. We’ve built hundreds of successful PHP applications over the last decade and a half.

We build fast, reliable, creative PHP solutions for your specific business need. Speak to one of our experts today to discuss solutions to your toughest business challenges.

PHP is the world’s most popular programming language for custom web application development. And for good reason: it’s stable, fast, and easy to work with.

Some respected internet companies have built their web applications with PHP: Facebook, Wikipedia, Flickr etc. 

LiteBreeze has experience with several PHP frameworks. Since 2017, the Laravel framework is our favourite. We also regularly work with CodeIgniter, Zend framework and Symfony.

Five reasons to choose PHP

  • 1

    Simplicity and ease of use

    You do not need a complex IDE (tool to develop and edit code). Newly graduated engineers can quickly learn the language as it’s similar to most other languages. PHP is simple, yet powerful.

  • 2

    PHP is open source and free

    Programmers don’t need to buy licenses or expensive web hosting to run their PHP applications. This is one reason to choose PHP to build custom web applications. 

  • 3

    Great pool of talent

    PHP is a very popular programming language. Therefore the pool of talented developers, architects and consultants is large. For clients, this means lower prices for talented developers. 

  • 4

    Third party services

    If you choose to develop your system or web application with PHP, it’s easy to plug into a wide array of services, APIs, libraries, components etc. This saves both developers’ time and your money.

  • 5

    Mature frameworks

    Frameworks help experts to structure their code and be more productive. There are many ready-made features that developers can utilise. Examples are Laravel, CodeIgniter and Symfony

Our PHP projects

These are two of our clients. You can browse more PHP projects here

  • ActaPublica.se is Sweden's largest document database and research company with an archive of around 20 years worth of legal documents. They provide comprehensible information, surveys and compilations for in-depth analysis and strategic planning along with real-time monitoring services.

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  • Funcruises.se is a Swedish event planner and travel agent. They specialize in arranging cruises for students and niche target groups. We have been developing their CRM, booking management system and website since 2009. This application took over 6000 hours to build. It was rebuilt in 2016 using latest technologies.

    Read More

More information about PHP

One of the most widely used server side scripting languages.

PHP was primarily built and designed for web development. It’s grown into a general-purpose programming language.

Why does LiteBreeze develop in PHP?

PHP has compatibility with services like LDAP, IMAP, SNMP. It has powerful library support (eg: OAuth, Graph, Doctrine). It runs on multiple OS like Linux, macOS, Windows etc. Zero configuration deployment saves time.

PHP is active since 1995 and has several implementations for faster processing. PHP is highly scalable and has multiple extensions. Furthermore, there is a choice of coding. 

  1. Procedural manner 
  2. Object-oriented programming (OOP) or a mixture of both.

Traditionally, the primary stack which we have used for PHP products is LAMP (Apache and MySQL). These days we often recommend LEMP. We replace Apache with the faster web server NGINX and replacing MySQL with MariaDB.

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