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LiteBreeze uses Python to build complex yet user-friendly web applications

Python is a 30-year-old high-level programming language that helps you focus on the core functionality of the application by easing out common programming tasks.

No matter how complex your system is, the Python codebase stays readable and maintainable with its straight-forward syntax rules.

Are you looking to build a Python-based web/mobile solution? At LiteBreeze, we continually recruit top-level Python experts to help you build robust business systems.

When developing a high-end web application, we emphasize on the quality of its source code to simplify maintenance and updates. 

Python is versatile and comes pre-installed on all major Linux distributions. It can also run on Mac, Windows, and embedded systems like Raspberry Pi, thus giving developers flexibility and work comfort.

Contact us to know how we can build a dynamic solution using Python’s user-friendly data structures. Get a free quote today.

More information on Python

Python is the foundation for many widely used desktop software.

The extensive support modules and community development make Python one of the most developer-friendly languages.

Python does not require recompiling and can run the modified code immediately allowing you to check the impact of changes. Thus development time and cost are reduced. 

Its implementation in world-class organizations such as Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, and Spotify is open testimony to Python’s excellence in enterprise (business) software development.

Python is also commonly used in developing algorithm-heavy videogames. 

Using Python, higher-level application logic for updated user requirements could be adapted without altering the basic underlying components set by lower-level programming languages.

Web application development can be streamlined using robust Python web frameworks like Django, Flask, Pyramid, Bottle and cherrypy.

Python GUI frameworks and toolkits like PyQT, PyJs, PyGUI, Kivy, PyGTK, and WxPython help you quickly develop desktop applications. Contact us today.

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