Custom WordPress CMS vs basic website tools

At LiteBreeze we don’t usually build “simple websites” any longer, but we do still develop heavily customized websites using the WordPress CMS. By heavily customized, we mean a solution that requires 300+ man hours to complete.

Our own website is custom-built with WordPress. It can take a long time to customize and make everything “perfect”, so it’s not an ideal option if you’re on a limited budget. Through in-house and contract web designers, we can also help with web and logo design.

Many businesses require only a simple website for the purpose of sharing basic information.If so, the cheapest and easiest way is to use a service like Google My Business Website or Wix. They have a lot of ready-made templates, and anyone can easily create and maintain such a website. These tools provide functionalities like the following:

  • showcasing products
  • a contact form
  • compatibility with mobile phones (responsive design)
  • optimized for search engines
  • blog
  • integration with social media

Most developers at LiteBreeze are engaged with development of web application systems using the PHP-based Laravel framework.

Our WordPress projects

These are two of our WordPress projects. You can browse all projects here.

  • The Hatec Group provides products and services in the fields of mechanical and plant engineering. With manufacturing in Mülheim, “Made in Germany” solutions are offered to various industries and a wide range of applications. The group is active in industries such as Steel, Power, Maritime, Chemical, Oil & Gas.

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  • InnovationLab is an expert center that helps translate knowledge into business. An enthusiastic and experienced team of advisors/coaches help external parties to churns knowledge about innovation into products and services. Experts at InnovationLab explore the possibilities based on client ideas and help clients to build a better business model.  

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