Software development

This is a list of technical articles aiming to help software developers become more productive.

How to improve slow video streaming with CDN

LiteBreeze improves user experience of slow video streaming after a client approached us with time related complaints from users. A deeper analysis soon revealed multiple issues with many solutions.

The MySQL tips and tricks that you could use

How to import a remote database easily from command prompt in Windows. India-based web application development company with a talented team of PHP programmers and web developers provides unique customised solutions.

DNS troubleshooting – a common challenge solved

Trouble shooting DNS-related issues is a common challenge for web developers who may just have been exposed to challenges with code and databases before.

Useful Linux specific commands that you will not find in Windows

Using SSH to login to the Linux shell presents you with a range of very effective tools that you do not find in, for example Windows. Here comes a list of convenient commands:

Real-time broadcasting integration in Laravel – Part 1

Improve the user experience of your web application with live-updating interfaces: learn how to do real-time broadcasting right in Laravel using WebSockets. At LiteBreeze, IT experts recently implemented a real-time auction-bidding activity, as part of a software project.

PHP asset fingerprinting: how to develop faster web applications

The quickest method for cache busting (asset fingerprinting) in PHP web applications. In this age, users expect swift information at their fingertips. How can we increase user retainment and ensure better customer satisfaction?

Multilingual website: TLD vs subfolder vs subdomain

Deciding on multilingual structure is a big decision as it can have a high impact on long-term content marketing efforts and SEO

How we maintain code quality standards at LiteBreeze

We give paramount importance in LiteBreeze to consistent code quality. This is also our primary criteria when we select the top 1% of PHP candidates to join our team.

How to install a package manager for macOS

LiteBreeze knows that the best quality work machines like the MacBook supplement the high work standards of our ever growing PHP team. That is why the MacBook is the LiteBreeze choice of work machine as MacBooks maintain a proven standard and offer better performance over standard laptops.