Useful Linux specific commands that you will not find in Windows

Using SSH to login to the Linux shell presents you with a range of very effective tools that you do not find in, for example Windows. Here comes a list of convenient commands:

Change directory: cd /home/username/www

List content of directory: ll

Show size of each directory in current directory: du -sh ./*

Remove file by force: rm -f filename

Remove directory by force: rm -rf ./directory/

Move file: mv fromfile tofile

Copy file: cp fromfile tofile

Importing a database from another database. Can be used with the -h flag to import from a remote host:
mysqldump -uCopyToUser -p localPassword –opt –compress CopyToDb | mysql -uCopyFromUsername -p copyFromPassword CopyFromDb

Compress the folder public_html into a file named archive.tar.gz:
tar -zcvf archive.tar.gz ./public_html/

Synchronize the new changes made in the remote directory /home/username/ to our local direcotry with the same path:
rsync -r /home/username/

List all directories/files which are 0 to 999 Mb in size:
du -sh ./* | grep [0-9]M

Show content of file: less filename (press q to quit)

Show current processes running on server: top (press q to quit)

Find code standard deviance using code sniffer: phpcs –report=source –standard=Zend ./filename.php
Output codesniffer result for all php files in www directory to text file:
phpcs –standard=Pear /home/username/www/*.php > /home/jean/www/tests/codesniffer.txt

Check for duplicate lines: phpcpd /home/jean/www/ > /home/jean/www/tests/phpcpd.txt

Create HTML report of how messy the code is using PHPMD (mess detector) and put the report in the file phpmd.html:
phpmd /home/jean/www/ html codesize > /home/jean/www/tests/phpmd.html

Download files from ftp:
wget -nc -r ftp://username: password
1) Select which dir to download by supplying right path by appending dir name after public_html
2) It will download to the current directory, so you need to move into the right directory.