Six concepts to strengthen your programming logic

Anyone can learn a programming language, or how to write code and understand the syntax of a language. But the real skill is in the usage of that language.

What is the logic you can create with that? What codes would be required to create programs using this logic?

Good logic in programming is a fundamental key to being a good developer. Developing good logic is the fool-proof method for you to learn and navigate through different programming languages flexibly.

One of our developers recounts his experience:

Project X has an AWS Lambda function for inserting documents. This function supports multiple or batch insertions using zip files.

The function was frequently throwing ‘No space left on disk error’ as it stores a lot of local files from the zip files. An issue was created and subsequently resolved within the next two days.

However, the code was updated only to handle smaller zip files and not large zip files. Hence, the AWS Lambda function was failing with the same error within a few days of troubleshooting the issue.

This could have been avoided by looking into the max file sizes for a zip file and updating the code based on that, rather than just assuming the required solution.

This shows how a code, though not incorrect but with a half-baked logic can cause unwanted errors in a project.

LiteBreeze seniors provide continual coaching on code quality to maintain the high standards expected by management and clients. We have listed six concepts that we believe will greatly improve your coding logic:

Programming paradigm: Programming paradigms work as a blueprint, with which you can follow a predefined path to create the projects. All LiteBreeze programmers are experts in the Object-Oriented Paradigm (OOP).

Data Structures: Data structures are the fundamentals of all programming languages. If you get a better command over the data structure of programming languages, then you can quickly improve your programming logic for that language.

Do not reinvent the wheel: There are many ways to solve problems. Sometimes others have solved a problem in a more optimal and simple way than you. Regularly check code by others to learn from them. LiteBreeze experts use various software frameworks & libraries for application development.

Structured and refactored code: There are automated tools available to help you refactor code, such as phpcpd, but just being careful will get you far. It takes quite some time to continuously refactor code

Clean code: The cleaner your code, the lesser work you need to put in for maintenance. If you can visualize your code well, then the logic can be understood by the other programmers.

Apart from that, clean code also helps you further improve your logic.

Think: Programming is about solving problems, a good technique to deal with big problems is to split it into small ones. Thus you can focus on each problem in a better way.

Practice is a crucial part of life. We cannot emphasize the importance of practice enough. The same rule applies to program logic. Practice surely makes perfect.

We hope these tips along with consistent practice will help improve your programming logic effectively.

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The best way to be a programmer is to write programs and to study great programs that other people have written. ~Bill Gates