E-learning solutions

Build your customized e-learning solution. With more than a decade of experience in web development, our experts understand the various challenges in the niche market of e-learning.

CRM, ERP and Invoicing solutions

LiteBreeze has worked on developing customized CRM, ERP, and Invoicing solutions for over a decade. Our international, long-term clients include Aptum and @spire.

Business portal

With 15+ years of experience in developing feature-rich solutions for businesses across the world, LiteBreeze can help you leverage technology to serve your specific business requirements. 

Training management system

For more than a decade, our developers have been developing heavily customized training management systems for various international clients.

Solution for news agencies

Does your firm handle large amounts of data such as news source data? LiteBreeze has plenty of experience of importing/scraping, storing and making the data searchable using tools like AWS and ElasticSearch.

Order management system

LiteBreeze has been developing customized order management systems for clients since 2004. We build easy-to-use systems for customers to book and pay for any type of service or product.

Travel booking system

When building a travel agency solution from scratch, our primary objective is to build a functional and profitable system, with attractive, branded and unique design and content.

Client portal development

Upgrade your business with a user-friendly client portal. Build a highly-scalable client portal - and boost user-satisfaction and your business at the same time! 

SaaS application development

Cloud-based SaaS systems can be customized according to each user that visits you. This ensures a highly personalized experience for customers using your online services.

Front-end development

Front-end is the part of your website/mobile app that customers interact with. An engaging front-end gives your users extensive options on using your services.

Applicant tracking system

At LiteBreeze we deliver integrated, scalable, and mobile-friendly recruitment solutions to help businesses across the world meet the changing needs of human resources.

AWS solutions

Are you looking to build a scalable cloud-based web application? LiteBreeze’s team of AWS certified experts can help you build/migrate your solution in the Amazon cloud environment.

e-commerce solutions

Looking to develop a profitable e-commerce solution? Hire top e-commerce developers. Swedish on-site management in India. Free consultation. WooCommerce, OpenCart and Magento.