Why you need a smart recruitment system

Build a custom applicant tracking system for your recruitment needs

You need a recruitment system to effectively and efficiently manage your applicant management processes and candidate flow.

LiteBreeze programmers can build you a robust and responsive platform that allows you to create and store candidate databases for various streams.

Additionally manage and publish vacancies, filter and process applications, invite and reject applicants, and much more. With custom features and segregation tools, we can help you align your recruitment process with your business objectives. 

We built a custom applicant tracking system for AlphaCE, a renowned Swedish coaching and educational institution. Laravel was used for this project as well as MySQL, Azure Cloud and JavaScript. 

Get in touch with us today to build you a unique applicant tracking system for your recruitment needs. 

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Our Clients

  • AlphaCE is a leading Swedish coaching and educational institution with 550 employees. They interview and test job seekers, targeting long-term unemployed and newly arrived immigrants. Accordingly candidates are accepted into niche training programs which greatly increase their chances on the job market.

  • Easy Recruit is a Norwegian company providing an e-recruitment platform where businesses and job seeking professionals can meet and collaborate towards achieving the business and personal goals in a cheap and effective way.

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    Custom E-recruitment platform with video interviews
    In the vast marketplace of Indian IT firms, it was not easy to pick the right vendor. LiteBreeze has done a great job, improving our product and challenging our thoughts and specifications.
    Torbjørn Skjelde (Oslo, Norway)

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Advantages of having a applicant tracking system for your business

Better collaboration

A dedicated applicant tracking system allows better collaboration within the recruitment team as well as externally with the decision-makers. 

Effective collaboration, understanding, and communication among the talent-finders is the key to sourcing a great talent pool and filtering out the best.

Sourcing the best talent

With the help of advanced search filters and a custom-made resume parser, your recruitment team can analyze large amounts of candidate data in a short time. 

This decreases the cost-per-hire and time-per-hire. 

Talent pool management made easy

A cloud-based applicant tracking system stores your data permanently giving you the possibility to create an enormous database of talent. 

This database could be used for the analysis of trends, behavior, and many other parameters.

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