Custom software solution for online news portal

Hire our experienced programmers to create a solution for your news agency

Does your firm handle large amounts of data such as news source data? LiteBreeze has plenty of experience of importing/scraping, storing, and making the data searchable using tools like AWS and ElasticSearch.

Your clients can easily purchase processed source material and access it through a custom client portal. This saves you time and allows you to scale your business faster.

We provide total digital asset management that you can use as a media bank, image or editorial archive, else even a brand platform. Thus, your clients reach their communication and business goals with the best solutions possible.

You get a total customized administration/management panel to easily handle your extensive content.

We develop portals for newspapers, online media companies, and news channels, that are search engine friendly, responsive, and creative in nature. Such portals can be accessed across all platforms.

Our expertise include API integration for large scale news data management applications using AWS, real-time data broadcasting by integrating Node.js, Socket.IO and Redis in the system, metadata structuring, etc.

Our long-term international clientele includes Acta Publica and Siren:

Acta Publica, an editorial portal, is Sweden’s largest online archive of legal records. Acta’s users can use API services to integrate the document search to other applications.

Siren is another news agency portal, which is a multi-channel news distribution system made for a reputed Swedish news agency. It features searchable news material and documents from various outlets.

Are you looking for a solution with a full range of extensive features that can also handle millions of visitors? Then, we are your team. Get in touch for a free consultation today!

Our Clients

  • is Sweden's largest online archive of legal records, collected over decades. The user can search and download millions of quality government documents with the help of different filter options including specific keywords.

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Building a reliable news portal

Why hire a team?

A news portal in definition could be a news aggregator site that attracts visitors, or a multi-channel news distribution system that connects distributors and publishers across the globe.

Keeping aside print and television, news agencies across the world are forced to try their luck in the relentless online news scenario.

Developing a reliable news portal is no cakewalk and it’s better to go for the best talent with fruitful experience.

Our expert developers can help you build your customized news agency portal with the International quality that this business spectrum demands.

From the admin perspective, an integrated content management system is the most important part of a news portal.

Administration from the backend should be seamless since most news portals work 24/7 and backend clutter could cause big slow-downs, which is never ideal.

With the right development partner, building a customized news agency portal could be a painless process. Send us a quote request today.

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