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Are you looking to develop the next trending e-learning platform? Since 2004, LiteBreeze has been developing e-learning solutions for international clients such as AlphaCE, Tecknologen, Safepac and many more. 

Most of them are heavily customized solutions that include multi-currency, multi-language support, real-time tutoring, video courses with MCQs amongst other elements.

With more than a decade of experience in web development, our developers understand the various challenges in the niche market of e-learning.  We have the know-how to make your customized e-learning platform as engaging and user-friendly as possible.

From K-12 to professionals looking for upskilling or reskilling courses, e-learning has a huge target audience. It is a highly competitive sector, and the crowd always musters for the one that provides better content along with the smoothest user experience. 

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Our e-learning projects

These are two of our many e-learning projects. You can browse more projects here

  • AlphaCE is a leading Swedish coaching and educational institution with 550 employees. They interview and test job seekers, targeting long-term unemployed and newly arrived immigrants. Accordingly candidates are accepted into niche training programs which greatly increase their chances on the job market.

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  • is an e-learning platform providing courses to truck drivers who are conveying dangerous goods. In addition to the e-courses, the system has got backend CRM and invoicing modules.

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More about e-learning solutions

World's fastest growing e-business sector

The e-learning industry is seeing exponential growth in developing economies where there is an urgency to close the education gap. The popularity of affordable apps like Udemy, Lynda, and Byjus points to the same.

People from all societal spectrums and age groups look for flexible online courses. e-learning platforms help them learn new things as per their convenience.

E-learning platforms are huge and complex-structured systems, hence building one requires great attention to detail. To keep the experience smooth, the content storage and delivery systems should be well-polished and maintained. 

According to a recent survey by Brandon Hall Group’s HCM Outlook, 77% of companies in the US made use of e-learning solutions to upskill their employees. In 2018, the US government had spent a whopping $2.5 billion on purchasing e-learning products for its staff.

Keeping the content structured, and delivering it flawlessly even to the slowest internet connections, and laggiest machines is a major challenge for e-learning platforms and almost every other streaming-content based application. 

LiteBreeze’s developers are highly experienced in building scalable content-delivery systems. We’ve created dozens of e-learning solutions that demanded heavy customization. Each project brings new challenges that we tackle with disruptive thinking and experience.

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