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Does your firm handle large amounts of data such as news source data? Are you looking to provide your customers with easily accessible information as per their interests using devices of their choice? We might be the development partner you are looking for.

Your clients can easily purchase the processed source material and access it through custom client portal. This saves your time and allows you to scale your business faster. 

Our expertise includes API integration for large scale news data management applications using AWS, real-time data broadcasting by integrating Node.js, Socket.IO and Redis in the system, metadata structuring, etc.

Along with a trendy, user-friendly website, you would also get a custom administration/management panel to easily handle your extensive content.

We have vast experience of importing/scraping, storing, and making large volumes of data searchable using tools like AWS and ElasticSearch.

Our long-term international clientele includes Acta Publica and Siren:

Acta Publica is Sweden’s largest online archive of legal records. Acta’s users can use API services to integrate the document search to other applications.

Siren, an editorial portal, which is a multi-channel news distribution system made for a reputed Swedish news agency. It features searchable news material and documents from various outlets.

To know more about how we can build you a custom portal –  get in touch for a free consultation today!

Our Clients

  • is Sweden's largest document database and research company. They have an archive of around 20 years worth of legal documents. They provide comprehensible information, surveys and compilations to enable in-depth analysis and strategy planning. ActaPublica provides real-time monitoring services as well.

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  • Our client is a leading provider of financial market solutions in Europe. Financial professionals like traders, banks, companies, and newspapers interested in European markets rely on our client to provide global real-time market data, stock prices, stock market indices, trading, news, and other related information

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More information

To hire a team or not?

Does your business need to import large quantities of data, such as official documents? 

Our experience includes working with importing, saving and exporting large quantities of source data. For example: legal records, financial information such as stock data, etc. 

Our customized solutions will aid in accessing data remotely for:

  1. Your customers 
  2. External partners 
  3. In-house teams

We also provide end-to-end multimedia digital asset management and distribution systems. This enables automated subscriber management and up-selling of services, thereby increasing revenues.

With the right development partner like LiteBreeze, building a customized news agency portal would be a seamless process. Send us a quote request today.

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