Why build a custom portal for your travel agency

Boost your profits with a scalable travel portal

Do you own a travel agency that deals with volumes of bookings and reservations? Are you looking to ease the booking process for your customers?

Do you wish to have a customized solution, that not just simplifies the booking process but also facilitates automation, thereby leveraging staff’s working hours? A solution that accelerates business scalability? 

LiteBreeze is just the partner you need. We have substantial experience in creating highly scalable, fast, responsive systems. We offer you tailor-made solutions.

We can help meet the ever-increasing customer demands using the Laravel framework and Bootstrap CSS.

A customized travel agency portal and booking system built by LiteBreeze can include features such as an intuitive administration panel, secure payment system, multi-language support etc.

We integrate APIs to simplify bulk reservations for travel agencies, hotels, airlines, tours etc. Along with built-in management tools like CRM, ERP.

We can design your site to aid in upselling unlimited add-ons and provide seasonal offers through your user-friendly portal.

Discuss your idea with us. Allow us to transform your idea into a solution that will boost profits for your travel agency business. Get in touch with one of our marketing analysts today!

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Our Clients

  • Memlin is a cloud-based SaaS platform that offers easy, efficient and user-friendly event management solutions. This platform allows and simplifies creating and managing events such as board meetings, educational courses, cultural events, polls, surveys, large-scale seminars etc. This was built using the Laravel framework.

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    Custom event management system for a Swedish firm
    It was great to work with LiteBreeze. They collaborated well with our Swedish team. They are a responsible and trustworthy development partner! .
    Christian Ramel (Lund, Sweden)
  • Funcruises.se is a Swedish event planner and travel agent. They specialize in arranging cruises for students and niche target groups. They offer dedicated customized packages. We have been developing their CRM, booking management system and website since 2009. It was rebuilt in 2016 using the latest technologies.

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    Custom CRM and booking system for event planner and travel agency
    Our project is a highly customized PHP solution that we have worked on with LiteBreeze since 2009. We are happy with the services provided by LiteBreeze and we feel that service and technical capability is continuously being improved.
    Martin Wengström (Sandviken, Sweden)

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Why should you invest in a custom travel portal

Advantages of having a travel agency – booking portal:

24×7 bookings and customer interaction

As for a travel agency, the best business may not come in at business hours but out-of-work hours when people really make trip plans and look to surf the web or their options.

With a portal that works 24×7, you would not lose your sales to competitors and also increase your online presence.

Upselling opportunity

Your chances of upselling to your customer with add-on services or upgrades increase significantly when you have them to show and sell as graphics online, rather than in person.

You can run customized ads that appeal to your particular customer demographic.

Increased profits

Presenting the option to book your travel services anytime, anywhere exponentially increases your customer satisfaction, and in turn sales.

As studies show, customers are more likely to make expensive purchases in the comfort of their homes. Upselling add-on services would be a good secondary revenue stream as well.

Resource management

Efficient resource management helps to improve the bottom line. With real-time data on the number of bookings, cancellations, etc. in hand you are free to plan and place your resources effectively.

With a user-friendly portal at the forefront of your travel agency, you can choose to build your brand image around it, thus increasing brand awareness. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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