6.5 years experience

Archu is our young, talented, and skilled developer. He is committed to lifelong learning and keeps himself up-to-date with the latest technological developments. 

Archu has worked with some of our valuable clients and earned a name for being an enthusiastic and easy person to work with.

When not coding, Archu loves to play chess and is a regular visitor at He is also a talented charcoal sketch artist and a self-confessed bookworm. 

Technical Skills

  • Programming languages
    PHP, Python, Golang, JavaScript
  • Frameworks
    Django, Flask, Laravel
  • JS Libraries
  • Front-end frameworks
  • Web Services
  • APIs
    RazorPay, Google
  • Payment gateways
  • Databases
    PostgreSQL, SQL, MongoDB, Google BigQuery, SQLite
  • Database design tools
    PgAdmin, PHPMyAdmin
  • Specification and PM tools
    Confluence, JIRA
  • Cloud hosting
    GoDaddy, DigitalOcean
  • Bug Tracking Tools
  • Front-end technologies
    jQuery, HTML, CSS, JS
  • Version control
  • Version control tools
    GitHub, Bitbucket
  • Desktop operating systems
    Ubuntu, Windows, MacOS
  • Server operating systems
    Ubuntu,Debian, CentOS
  • Search engines
    Google, Bing
  • Queue
    RabbitMQ, Redis
  • Server
    NGINX, Apache
  • Domain knowledge
    Container Shipping Logistics

Project Experience

  • is Sweden's largest document database and research company with an archive of around 20 years worth of legal documents. They provide comprehensible information, surveys and compilations for in-depth analysis and strategic planning along with real-time monitoring services.

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  • Memlin is one of the pioneers to offer effective and user-friendly event management solutions. This cloud-based platform allows events such as meetings, educational courses, surveys, seminars, etc to be easily set up and managed. This secure application was built using the Laravel framework.

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  • Siren is a highly customized Swedish news and content management system. It is used to create, manage and distribute tailored, quality-assured news articles to beneficiaries across Sweden via a news portal. LiteBreeze built this highly scalable website using the Laravel framework.

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Work experience

  • 1.6 years

    LiteBreeze, Kochi

    Archu joined our core team of software developers and works mainly on projects based in Python. Archu is dedicated and hardworking. He always keeps himself updated with the latest developments in technology.

  • 3.1 years

    Redacted *

    Archu worked on a shipping logistics web application leading the team and back-end development. He used Django and Django REST framework for back-end development.

  • 1.8 years

    Redacted *

    Archu started his career by developing, managing and testing web-based analytics reports and analytics engines; basically written in python and PHP.


  • B.Tech (Computer Science and Engineering) from IHRD, Cherthala, Pallipuram in 2015
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