8.3 years experience

Technical Skills

  • Programming languages
    Python, Go, PHP, Node.js, TypeScript
  • Version control
  • Front-end technologies
    JavaScript, HTML5, CSS
  • Front-end frameworks
    Angular1, Angular7
  • JS Libraries
    Socket.IO, Underscore.js, Three.js, jQuery
  • CMS
  • Frameworks
    Flask, Jasmine, Django, Django REST, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, Ionic 2, Tornado
  • Databases
    MySQL, MongoDB, InfluxDB, PostreSQL
  • Cloud hosting
  • Search engines
    Elasticsearch, Solr
  • Cache / Data structure store
  • Automation tools
    Jenkins, Gitlab CI
  • Tools
    Matplotlib, Sonar
  • Operating systems
    Windows, MacOS
  • Others
    Puppeteer, Express.js, Beautiful Soup, Jupyter, Mechanize, Numpy, Pandas, LevelDB, RabbitMQ, Ansible, Fabric, Vagrant, Docker, PIL, MoviePy, ActiveMQ

Project Experience

  • Funcruises.se is a Swedish event planner and travel agent. They specialize in arranging cruises for students and niche target groups. We have been developing their CRM, booking management system and website since 2009. This application took over 6000 hours to build. It was rebuilt in 2016 using latest technologies.

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Work experience

  • 0.2 years

    LiteBreeze, Kochi

    Ebin is currently onboarding with our senior developers and looks forward to contributing his ideas for timely and successful completion of projects. He is a great team player and aims brings out the best in him and others.

  • 5.8 years

    Redacted *

    Ebin worked in many high-value projects here and was a crucial part of the team delivering back to back successful projects.

  • 1.1 years

    Redacted *

    Ebin gained valuable experience in Python here. He was a crucial member of the team developing important projects.

  • 0.6 years

    Redacted *

    He worked as a software engineer and developed skills in CodeIgniter, WordPress, and jQuery.

  • 0.7 years

    Redacted *

    Ebin started his career as a software engineer and mainly used CakePHP and MySQL along with other technologies.


  • B. Tech (AEI) from University of Calicut, 2011
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