11.7 years experience

Saji has more than nine years of core web development experience. He completed his degree in computer science and engineering in the year 2010 from Calicut University.

Saji is an expert at AWS, is highly motivated and enthusiastic towards his job. He rose through the hierarchy at LiteBreeze in a short span of time due to his efficiency in handling challenging projects. 

He not only contributes to the development work but also takes a special interest in working for the greater good of the company. He is fanatical about providing exceptional service quality

Saji regularly keeps an eye open for possible improvements in different technical areas, even those that aren’t under his direct responsibilities. 

Technical Skills

  • Programming languages
    PHP, JavaScript, Shell script
  • Frameworks
    Laravel, CakePHP, ZF1, CodeIgniter
  • JS Libraries
  • Front-end frameworks
    Bootstrap, Zurb Foundation
  • Web Services
  • CMS
  • APIs
    Facebook, Google, AWS
  • Payment gateways
    PaySon, Braintree, Stripe, Paypal
  • Speed optimization tools
    YSlow, Pingdom
  • Databases
    MySQL, PostgreSQL, Amazon RDS
  • Database design tools
    MySQL Workbench
  • Specification and PM tools
    Redmine, Version One, Trello
  • Cloud hosting
    AWS EC2
  • Bug Tracking Tools
    Bitbucket, Mantis, Jira, Bugzilla, Github, Redmine
  • Front-end technologies
    JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • Version control
    Git, SVN, Mercurial
  • Version control tools
    Tortoise Git, Tortoise SVN, Rabbit VCS, Git and SVN on CLI, Sourcetree
  • Desktop operating systems
    Linux, Mac, Windows
  • Server tools
    Control Panel, WHM
  • Server operating systems
  • Search engines
  • Cache / Data structure store
  • Queue
    Rabbit MQ
  • Server
    NGinx, Apache
  • Third party CRM and sales tools
    SugarCRM, Streak

Project Experience

  • is a leading legal research database company in Sweden, with more than 60 million legal documents. The database, along with monitoring services, allows for extensive investigations and background checks. The application core is built on the Laravel framework. Background processes based on Python/PHP are used to identify documents and notify users via emails and API.

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    Custom search engine for legal research database
    We trust LiteBreeze with all our web development work in Siren and Acta Publica. They developed the archive service for Acta Publica which all Swedish media firms rely on daily. We recommend LiteBreeze for their AWS expertise.
    Martin Fredriksson (Stockholm, Sweden)
  • This is a product created to automate the software processes in a car wash terminal. It has made the standard equipment more modern, more user-friendly, and added more functionalities. LiteBreeze built this product in Go and uses Raspberry Pi and PLC as the main processing unit.

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    Customized process-automation software for a car wash
    LiteBreeze developed a customised car-wash automation software using Golang. The team kept their deadlines and was professional throughout. I look forward to working with them in the future!.
    Joachim Hylén (Mullsjö, Sweden)
  • Our client is a leading provider of financial market solutions in Europe. Financial professionals like traders, banks, companies, and newspapers interested in European markets rely on our client to provide global real-time market data, stock prices, stock market indices, trading, news, and other related information

Work experience

  • 7.1 years

    LiteBreeze, Kochi

    Saji builds high-quality web applications using latest technologies. Uses his expertise in analyzing and designing client requirements. Works flexibly on multiple projects, test all solutions, communicate with clients, ensure on-time delivery and after support.

  • 0.6 years

    Redacted *

    Worked on SugarCRM based CRM tool, some subsystems built using CodeIgniter, using hosted Gitlab, code review, and version control. Used VersionOne for work planning and tracking using scrum process and agile methodology. Worked with the team handling customer data processing for

  • 2.7 years

    Redacted *

    Developed various web-based ERP applications using Zend PHP framework. Set up and maintained the Linux (Ubuntu 12.04) workstations for the developers. Suggested new technologies to replace or complement existing ones, to increase productivity.

  • 0.8 years

    Redacted *

    WAMP based web development using Joomla CMS to customize the CMS as per client needs. Facebook application development based on Facebook JavaScript and PHP API and PHP.

  • 0.6 years

    Redacted *

    Developed various web-based ERP applications using PHP framework. Worked with the team to ensure service quality for all client deliverables.


  • Degree in Computer Science and Engineering from Calicut University, 2010
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