Portfolio and case studies

Funcruises.se is a Swedish event planner and travel agent. They specialize in arranging cruises for students and other niche target groups. LiteBreeze has been developing their CRM, booking management system and website since 2009. The latest version of the application was a major framework-based overhaul.

Our project is a highly customized PHP solution that we have worked on with LiteBreeze since 2009. We've been happy with the services provided by LiteBreeze and we feel how service and technical capability is continuously being improved. We recommend LiteBreeze highly. - Martin Wengström (Sandviken, Sweden)

Balebid.com is a global material trading platform for the recycling industry. Materials can be posted as biddable auctions or classified adverts. Buyers can directly connect with sellers to purchase available material. This was developed using Laravel 5.4 framework with Node.js, Socket.io and Redis for real-time bidding.

A custom platform for real-time auctions in the recycling industry

The LiteBreeze team is very professional and efficient, do not compromise on quality. They understood our requirements well and provided swift deliverables within a short time frame. I would highly recommend LiteBreeze to develop complex projects. - Renaud Clarke, UK

ActaPublica.se is Sweden's largest online archive of legal records, collected over decades. The user can search and download millions of quality government documents with the help of different filter options including specific keywords.

Customised online search engine for legal documents

We trust LiteBreeze with all our web development work in Siren and Acta Publica. They developed the archive service for Acta Publica which all Swedish media firms rely on daily. We are excited about ongoing work for Siren and recommend LiteBreeze for their AWS expertise. - Martin Fredriksson, Sweden

Stockmusic.net is one of the largest providers of royalty free music in the United States. Their clientele includes Fox, Time Warner, HBO and other firms in television, film, advertising, and apps. StockMusic.net hosts an extensive database of music from great composers worldwide as well as a multitude of genres.

Module to implement playlist features and metadata generation

When we started our contract, I had concerns about hiring an international, remote team. I feared we would have issues communicating, lots of difficult training and poor code quality. None of these fears came true! Thanks, LiteBreeze! I can relax knowing you are handling the job well, and with the care it requires. - Ryan Allen (Greater Seattle Area, USA)

Smart delivery is a SaaS application which intelligently plans and optimizes daily delivery lists and routes of delivery firms. The smart delivery system is a complete package which includes the online route planning web application for site admin as well as an iPhone / android app for the drivers.

LiteBreeze completed our customized mobile app project as per our expectations. They are talented developers with an in-depth expertise in software development along with European work-standards. I recommend LiteBreeze if you are looking for a high-quality and trustworthy development partner. - Ferat Korkmaz (Sweden)

AvoKoenen is a Dutch construction company. The programmers at LiteBreeze developed a web platform to handle all day-to-day business activities at AvoKoenen. The application enables management of work orders, invoices, audits, reports and financial analysis to meet managerial requirements.

Custom ERP and invoicing system for Dutch construction company

I trust the team at LiteBreeze. Before starting, I thought it could be challenging to establish a smooth business relationship with a company that is 7000 km away from home. But I must say, the Litebreeze staff knows how to build rapport. - Wim Koopmanschap (Amstelveen, The Netherlands)

@spire is a CRM application that integrates with the Sage50 accounting software. It features valuable tools that are not available in Sage. E.g. warehouse stock control, sales forecasting, in-depth analytics etc. @spire and Sage are seamlessly synchronized. @spire is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution.

Custom cloud SaaS CRM module for Sage 50 accounting system

LiteBreeze developed our business software by providing outstanding service. They exceeded our expectations with deliverables. I highly recommend LiteBreeze if you plan to build your complex yet effectively manageable cloud-based business application. - Peter Blacklock (Barking, United Kingdom)

Our client is one of Europe's largest universities. They have a special department for higher studies in aviation. We have developed a student information system (SIS) for co-ordinating flight training. The heart of the system comprises an event calendar and resource planning tool tightly integrated with Microsoft Exchange Server.

Through this online coaching and e-Learning platform, experienced experts share knowledge through telepresence. In live sessions, experts use voice, video call, and screen sharing. This offers a personalized experience to skill seekers. This high-traffic web application has taken 12000+ man hours to develop.

A truly dynamic website is a must for any professional services firm. We've spent over 2000 hours on this custom WordPress solution to support: multi-language content marketing, showcasing of developer profiles and project case studies, advanced SEO concepts, dynamic career website, APIs to connect with other systems, and more.

INVID Gruppen provides IT services in Sweden within three main functions; infrastructure, cloud services and operational support. LiteBreeze developed a web portal that incorporates multiple platforms through a Single Sign-On interface. This enables customers to run, monitor and manage network hosts and their users.

Custom Single Sign-On client portal for IT services provider

It was a great pleasure to work with LiteBreeze. Our project had significant complexities but their developers are highly skilled and tackled all challenges well. All programmers apply Swedish methods in their client interactions. LiteBreeze is a great cost-effective development partner! - Linus Linné (Västerås, Sweden)

LiteBreeze developed and continues to upscale an e-commerce website for one of Europe's largest plastic card printers using OpenCart. They produce various plastic cards such as RFID cards, chip cards and magnetic cards. Our PHP experts work on customizing the platform as per specific client requirements.

A custom web application was developed for a leading Swedish coaching and educational institution which recently announced a 225 million turn over. This large firm with 550 employees conducts interviews daily to profile potential candidates for acceptance into its niche training programs.

SafePac.se is an e-Learning platform providing courses to truck drivers who are conveying dangerous goods. In addition to the e-courses, the system has got backend CRM and invoicing modules.

Custom E-learning solution for drivers conveying dangerous goods

LiteBreeze developed an eLearning application in PHP and MySQL for us. They helped us to automate our processes, save time and deliver value to end users. They are highly professional and I recommend LiteBreeze if you need custom PHP development. - Tommy Sandberg (Karlskoga, Sweden)

LiteBreeze developed a complex event and marketplace website for a Dutch company using Laravel and Elasticsearch. The website provides an extensive event calendar with a detailed chronological listing of nearby events and festivals. Through this, a user can search and find nearby local events and festivals.

Napier is a B2B technology PR and marketing agency. They help clients in markets like Electronics and Industrial Technology promote their products and services. Clients rely on Napier to reach important media across Europe, so a key part of Napier’s service is their database of influential journalists and publications.

Custom partner management system for PR and marketing agency

LiteBreeze did an outstanding job! They developed a custom web application to manage our database of journalists and publications. This application focuses on our value-added services. We look forward to using it, expanding its functionality further, and working on other projects with LiteBreeze. - Mike Maynard (United Kingdom)

PhotoWishlist is an app to create a wishlist of products you would like to buy and share with your friends. The Web platform is developed on CodeIgniter Framework (PHP and MySQL) while the mobile app is developed using cross platform mobile development tool PhoneGap and AngularJS. 

Social hybrid app for sharing wish lists

I have been working with LiteBreeze since 2012 to develop my website. First, working on the web development and lately on the app. Their estimates are usually close to the real project work done. Service is excellent and I recommend LiteBreeze as a development partner. - Sigurbjörn Jónasson (Reykjavík, Iceland)

LXC Coin is a second-generation crypto-currency. We have developed the website and we are currently developing the P2P lending platform. The website uses CodeIgniter and bootstrap as front-end framework.

Custom crypto currency and P2P lending platform

LiteBreeze have proven to be client-friendly and punctual. Our website is a highly customized solution and we've set a high level of expectations. We are impressed with their service, so we entrusted them with the development of our P2P application which is a more complex system. - Henrik Ellefsen (Denmark)

Aptum.se is a fire and safety consultancy firm. They sell and service safety equipment. We've developed a business application using Zend Framework to help them save time with administration. The software includes CRM and invoicing modules.

Custom erp and invoicing system for fire and safety consultancy

LiteBreeze has developed our business software where we manage customers, orders, invoices, inspection reports etc. They have helped us save time with things such as invoicing and preparation of inspection reports, and they have delivered good service. We're happy to recommend LiteBreeze! - Gustav Paringer (Umeå, Sweden)

InnovationLab is an expert center helping translate knowledge into business. An enthusiastic and experienced team helps external parties to churn knowledge about innovation into products and services. Experts at InnovationLab explore possibilities based on client ideas and help clients to build better business models.  

Custom WordPress website for business consultants

It has been a pleasure to work with Litebreeze in this project. LiteBreeze developers are highly competent and add value to the project. They always provide a clear project overview and current tasks. Very professional! I recommend Litebreeze as a development partner! - Johanna van Doorn

The Hatec Group provides products and services in the fields of mechanical and plant engineering. With manufacturing in Mülheim, “Made in Germany” solutions are offered to various industries and a wide range of applications. The group is active in industries such as Steel, Power, Maritime, Chemical, Oil & Gas.

LiteBreeze has been developing the Hatec Group websites; they are a great business partner and a great client-focused team. With strong knowledge and experience, they are flexible and focused on meeting targets. We recommend LiteBreeze to those looking for an excellent web development partner. - Felix Gyllenstedt (Mülheim, Germany)

Tecknologen AB conducts training and consultation in sign language. At LiteBreeze, we developed Teckentuben, a custom e-learning software (LMS) which provides videos for children, youth and adults who uses sign supported speech as their means of communication.

Custom E-learning solution with videos for sign language training

LiteBreeze team is very professional, they fully understand our business and deliver the highest quality consistently. They also have good knowledge and practice of the Swedish work methods and client service, which helped to ease the process of my supervision. - Håkan Ernklev (Lundsbrunn, Sweden)

Delafee.com is an e-commerce website selling unique gold products such as edible gold and gold interior decoration products. It's a heavily customized webshop solution with support for multiple languages and currencies.

Custom E-commerce website for Swiss luxury retailer

LiteBreeze not only has the technical skills to complete complex projects but the development team is also easy to work with. With LiteBreeze we are developing solutions fast without the need to micro-manage. I have recommended LiteBreeze to other businesses and will recommend them further. - Sebastien Jeanneret (Neuchâtel, Switzerland)

Bagerikassen is a Swedish bakery that offers a wide array of baked goods and confectioneries. We have modified the system in Joomla for ordering and paying for weekly deliveries of their wide range of bread items online. Their payments are handled through Netaxept.

Custom online food ordering and delivery system for bakery

LiteBreeze has in a very effective and service-oriented way updated our existing website to make it more efficient and time saving in terms of organizing customers, orders etc. The communication with LiteBreeze throughout this project has been excellent. We can gladly recommend LiteBreeze! - Leo (Sweden)

This application is a school management system developed by LiteBreeze. There are four separate roles: admins, teachers, parents and students. Through this system teachers can manage information about students, assign homework and share students' progress with parents.

Custom Student information system with parental access

We contacted LiteBreeze to develop a web application to manage students, classes and homework. We thought we would have to spend a lot of time on planning and discussions however LiteBreeze quickly understood what needed to be done. Contact them if you need good professional services. - Espen Nielsen (Norway)

Easy Recruit is a Norwegian company providing an e-recruitment platform where businesses and job seeking professionals can meet and collaborate towards achieving the business and personal goals in a cheap and effective way.

Custom E-recruitment platform with video interviews

In the vast marketplace of Indian IT firms, it was not easy to pick the right vendor. Over the last 1.5 years, they have done a great job improving our product while thinking business and challenging our thoughts and specifications. We will give them our strongest recommendations. - Torbjørn Skjelde (Oslo, Norway)

Krebs.se is an e-commerce website for a family owned business which creates and sells crystal chandeliers. The site uses OpenCart as base, heavily customized to include multiple currencies, multiple languages and featuring popular payment gateways such as Klarna checkout, Klarna Account, Klarna Invoice and DIBS payments.

Custom OpenCart solution for chandelier retailer

LiteBreeze has updated our website where we show and sell our products both B2B and B2C. They have helped us to enhance quality as well as test and implement new functions. We have tried many other developers, but none has delivered as good service as Litebreeze. They are fast and reliable. We strongly recommend LiteBreeze! - Tomas Krebs (Sweden)

MeYouInterview is a job interview training web application which focuses on improving interview skills of the users and preparing them to attend job interviews with confidence. The application is a subscription-based platform for the job seekers to conduct mock interviews and evaluate their progress.

Custom job interview training system

The decision to have our website built by programmers in India did have some resistance. However summarizing the work done, we are satisfied with this collaboration. Communication was uncomplicated and precise. The support at and after the site launch was great. We recommend LiteBreeze as a cost-effective development partner! - Krister Magnusson (Zürich, Switzerland)

Presentationsdata is an e-commerce website selling smart board, projectors, monitors, control systems, digital signage and installation and is one of the leading suppliers of AV equipment in Sweden. The website is built using Joomla.

Custom webshop with supplier logins for AV retailer

Litebreeze has developed a customized e-commerce solution for our business needs. We are highly impressed by their dedication and timely responses to any of our concerns as well as their skilled team of developers. We recommend Litebreeze as the right choice for anyone who require custom web solutions. - Carl Enström(Stockholm, Sweden)

Only a small number of projects are published here. You can also view our archived portfolio here